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Warning: Italians are mad about Flash, to the point that almost all their sites are plagued with it, bridal attire’s included 😦

Before deciding on a gown, I’ve been looking around, poking my nose in local bridal magazines, catalogues and shops.

Historically, aside from Pronovias (this brand is from Spain but I am totally in love with these gowns), I’ve liked Carlo Pignatelli‘s wedding gowns. Unfortunately, the man has gone way too overboard on the romantic theme (especially with his Fiorinda line), although I admit his stuff still looks great.

Recently, I could visit an atelier and take a look at Atelier AimΓ©e gowns. Brides beware! The look is great but the colors look different, way different than in the pics. That is, what is marketed as ivory is frankly buttercream, which is to say, it has a very strong yellowish tint that is something to keep an eye on depending on your skin color (and undertones).Β  Some of the gowns are buttercream with blue accents, making it basically impossible to fit any skin (either the yellow will clash with blue skin undertones or the blue will clash with yellow skin undertones).

Another haute couture bridal line is Nicole Spose. Slightly too traditional and not vintage enough for me, it’s timeless and of very high quality. On the other hand, Radiosa is definitely more vintage, looking 40ish but with a strong glam gist.

In Italy nowadays it’s also available a new bra called Miracle Platinum by Luna. It is a Greek product everybody loves. I’ll have to give it a try πŸ™‚



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I must confess… I’m a hopelessly vintage bride. If I hadn’t decided for my Valentino for Pronovias Metis dress, I would wear an Amy Jo Tatum, probably this one:

Alexis by Amy Jo Tatum

Did I say bateau neck? I love it! πŸ™‚


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As usual, today I’m browsing wedding blogs and sites. I almost always start from Brenda’s blog because I like it so much.

Well, today I found this:

Now, I beg you to focus on the picture with the flowers and the menu. The two pinks are mismatched! As a matter of fact, the pink of the menu is more yellowish than the one of the flowers (or the flowers’ is more bluish than the invitations’ — whichever you choose). Call me a Bridezilla, but if that should happen at my wedding heads would start to roll!

What can you do to avoid color mismatch?

  1. Ask your florist whether the flowers you intend to match comes in a predictable color or not. Now, I’m well-aware that florists can not predict the color of the flowers they get as if they had a Pantone swatch of it, I concede that. However, they rarely tell you whether a flower’s color is predictable or not, or how much variation there is between the different samples of the “same” flower. This is something to definitely ask your florist about, possibly before you decide on the flowers! As an example, flowers like Sahara roses (which I adore) can be hard to match because they come in different shades (pink, peach, beige — no two roses have the same shade). But, by the same token, are ideal when you plan a tone-on-tone wedding (the so called “all white wedding” which I found out isn’t so white, because it can have all sortsΒ  of shades, from off-white, to ivory, to blush pink, to light champagne, to oyster, light sand, etc).
  2. Choose your wedding stationery after choosing the flowers, so that the match is more accurate. If you find out that the match is not that accurate, do NOT display it close to the mismatched flowers!!!
  3. Consider hiring a light designer (or consulting with one). Light can be used to either uniform colors (thereby reducing the chance of detecting a possible color mismatch)Β  or to enhance color contrast (which you could need if you’re going through the “modern wedding” route). Be aware of it and use this information to your own advantage.

And remember, just because you are on a budget it doesn’t mean you have to set for mismatched colors, as I see happening so often. The sense of color of your wedding planner does NOT depend on how much you pay her, so she should definitely be able to do a precise match, or advise you on how to get it done. At risk of repeating myself: do not tolerate a sense of color that is off only because you’re on a budget or else your ceremony and reception will look tacky and cheap! And nobody wants to look cheap, no matter how tight the budget is.

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It’s really cute to see a couple who thinks out of the box, even for a vintage glam wedding…. so here’s Tiphany and Jamie Part I and Part II via The Bride’s Cafe.

It’s always cute to see the bridesmaid’s dresses to actually look similar to the bride’s….

and I’m well-aware it’s a major pet-peeve of mine, but I hate it when the cut, color and fabric of the bridal party is totally different from the bride’s.

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Ivanka gets married

in a gown that makes her look like an ordinary bride 😦

She is so beautiful, classy and talented… she should have hired an image consultant rather than wearing the wrong color, the wrong shape and the wrong hairdo.

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Once a friend of mine gave me the great news, she and her boyfriend were going to get married. And then she added: “But don’t worry, I want you to know that getting married isn’t going to change a thing”.

My not-so-polite answer was: “Then why did you guys decide to do it?”. I know, when I see a nonsense I won’t shut up, even under torture πŸ˜€

The bottom line is, I live in a simple world, a place where I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If I promise something I do it, unless I was forced into promising something against my will. I guess you could call me the WYSIWYG bride πŸ™‚

In my world, if getting married doesn’t mean much, I don’t do it. If something means a lot, I pour all my energy into it. You can usually tell how much I care about some thing or person by how much time and effort I put into taking care of the thing or the person.

I hate to waste time faking. I much rather prefer to get busy doing something else I like πŸ™‚

Brides-to-be need more empowerment… learn to say no to your mom, parents, friends, future mother-in-law, anybody it’s the only way to stay sane!

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When I saw this

Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet by Stella & Dot

Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet by Stella & Dot

I fell in love! Ivory and champagne are the main colors of my wedding!

But the caption goes on

“Over 100 champagne and ivory faux pearls create a shimmering classic. 7.125” length. Fold over gold plated clasp with signature heart. Fold over clasp extender available for larger wrists. Extender sold seperately (EX100)”

So I emailed them because my wrist is tiny (super-tiny, and so are my hands) and gold doesn’t look good on me, asked if they did custom order. Well, they do not.

Too bad they fancy themselves to be a boutique-like kind of a place 😦

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