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Warning: Italians are mad about Flash, to the point that almost all their sites are plagued with it, bridal attire’s included 😦

Before deciding on a gown, I’ve been looking around, poking my nose in local bridal magazines, catalogues and shops.

Historically, aside from Pronovias (this brand is from Spain but I am totally in love with these gowns), I’ve liked Carlo Pignatelli‘s wedding gowns. Unfortunately, the man has gone way too overboard on the romantic theme (especially with his Fiorinda line), although I admit his stuff still looks great.

Recently, I could visit an atelier and take a look at Atelier Aimée gowns. Brides beware! The look is great but the colors look different, way different than in the pics. That is, what is marketed as ivory is frankly buttercream, which is to say, it has a very strong yellowish tint that is something to keep an eye on depending on your skin color (and undertones).  Some of the gowns are buttercream with blue accents, making it basically impossible to fit any skin (either the yellow will clash with blue skin undertones or the blue will clash with yellow skin undertones).

Another haute couture bridal line is Nicole Spose. Slightly too traditional and not vintage enough for me, it’s timeless and of very high quality. On the other hand, Radiosa is definitely more vintage, looking 40ish but with a strong glam gist.

In Italy nowadays it’s also available a new bra called Miracle Platinum by Luna. It is a Greek product everybody loves. I’ll have to give it a try 🙂



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