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It’s really cute to see a couple who thinks out of the box, even for a vintage glam wedding…. so here’s Tiphany and Jamie Part I and Part II via The Bride’s Cafe.

It’s always cute to see the bridesmaid’s dresses to actually look similar to the bride’s….

and I’m well-aware it’s a major pet-peeve of mine, but I hate it when the cut, color and fabric of the bridal party is totally different from the bride’s.


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One thing I like about myself is how self-confident I can be… well, at least at times 😉

Anyway, the last thing I want for my bridesmaids is to look like **** just to make me appear more beautiful. I really love them dearly, and wouldn’t want them not to have their “junior princess” day just because the “senior princess” needs to outdo them all.

Not only do I love them, I also like them a lot. They both are slender and have a figure somewhat similar to mine, so I thought that a dropped waist would look great on them too. Plus, originally the bridesmaids were to dress similar to the bride so that the evil spirits trying to kidnap the bride would kidnap one of them instead.

No, I’m kidding you, I don’t just love them. I’m extremely fond of them. So, I’ve decided to dress them up like princesses too… I’m not a LSD person but I do love modest gowns, and I ended up picking up these ones from Eternity (an LSD provider of modest gowns, in fact) in organza and matte satin:

Eternity Evening Gown MS186

Eternity Evening Gown MS186

The colors I picked up are Light Pink (Theresa, blonde with brown eyes) and Platinum (Giada, blonde with blue eyes). When I showed them the dress I thought they would yell “NO WAY” but apparently they both loved it!

As for the shoes, I’d like something along these lines:

It’s important that they are peep-toe shoes with heels and a flower on them, just like my shoes. Gosh I really loathe those pointy satin bridal shoes. They look soooo cheesy to me!!!

As for headpieces and jewelry for the bridesmaids, I’m enchanted by these Chameleon Designs items… before you say no to feathers (or to pearls, or to both), think twice! You’ll see them over and over in this blog 😉

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Now, I don’t like green, especially for a wedding gown. Bare with me, I’m of Irish heritage, and you don’t use green for weddings or the evil spirits will haunt the bride…

This being said, the execution is what counts (and, the target population of your gown, I’d add).

For example, Sonia Pena made a mess of it:

Sonia Pena 2010 via Fashion Bride

Sonia Pena 2010 via Fashion Bride

whereas Frank Sarabia just rocked it wonderfully:

Frank Sarab 2010 via Fashion Bride

Frank Sarabia 2010 via Fashion Bride

Remember to use a color consultant (and/or some common sense)! Green (and fuchsia) aren’t colors that anyone can just pull off… so before picking it up you need to know for sure that they won’t look mismatched with your skin tone (or your bridesmaids’!!!).

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