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Italians say CVD to mean Come Volevasi Dimostrare, ie “end of proof”. I’m saying it about myself… I’ve just read a recap of the 2010 wedding trends, and I think I’m going to break for sure 8 out them, possibly more — how’s that for thinking with one’s head? I haven’t done it on purpose it just happened… I’m not evil it’s just how they draw me 🙂

Let’s start analyzing them one at a time…

“2010 is the year to bring out the color!  Bold has risen above the white and pastels even for spring and summer weddings”

All right this is easy, it has always been an “all-white” wedding: off-white/ivory, light pink, platinum, powder almond.


“It’s no less expensive to hold your wedding at a private home than it is to rent a reception location”

This one is easy to break too… it’s a destination wedding in an Irish castle 🙂

“Fondant is quickly becoming an old fad”

Too bad… I had just decided for the raspberry chocolate fondant and I’m not going to change it!

“A special thank you as an appreciation for your guests attendance is even more important in our economic times”

No favors here!

” Couples and guests alike enjoy the feeling of incorporating “green” into the wedding.  Not just with favors, but with food, decor and natural flowers as well”

Yeah right, how is cutting flowers green? Anyway, given that I’ll have only bouquets and petals and no other flowers, together with organic food this one I’m not breaking it.

“Real flowers are still the trend in today’s wedding.  The look, the feel, the fragance just can’t be beat!”

Stink like a funeral home to me!

“Technology continues to grow and with the popularity of HD TV, it only makes sense to purchase your wedding video in HD.  If you haven’t upgraded to HD yet, talk to your videographer and make arrangements to shoot in HD anyway.  Have them include not only the HD Blu Ray for when you do upgrade, but also a standard DVD for you to view now.”

Say what? I don’t know what you’re talking about 😉

“Gowns are flowing and light in 2010”

Yeah right mine is Alencon lace AHAHAH

“Veils are back in 2010”

IF I’ll have it, it will be a mantilla. Either that one or a fascinator.

“it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to have a very special dance that will wow their guests”

Good for them. We HATE IT 😉


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One thing I like about myself is how self-confident I can be… well, at least at times 😉

Anyway, the last thing I want for my bridesmaids is to look like **** just to make me appear more beautiful. I really love them dearly, and wouldn’t want them not to have their “junior princess” day just because the “senior princess” needs to outdo them all.

Not only do I love them, I also like them a lot. They both are slender and have a figure somewhat similar to mine, so I thought that a dropped waist would look great on them too. Plus, originally the bridesmaids were to dress similar to the bride so that the evil spirits trying to kidnap the bride would kidnap one of them instead.

No, I’m kidding you, I don’t just love them. I’m extremely fond of them. So, I’ve decided to dress them up like princesses too… I’m not a LSD person but I do love modest gowns, and I ended up picking up these ones from Eternity (an LSD provider of modest gowns, in fact) in organza and matte satin:

Eternity Evening Gown MS186

Eternity Evening Gown MS186

The colors I picked up are Light Pink (Theresa, blonde with brown eyes) and Platinum (Giada, blonde with blue eyes). When I showed them the dress I thought they would yell “NO WAY” but apparently they both loved it!

As for the shoes, I’d like something along these lines:

It’s important that they are peep-toe shoes with heels and a flower on them, just like my shoes. Gosh I really loathe those pointy satin bridal shoes. They look soooo cheesy to me!!!

As for headpieces and jewelry for the bridesmaids, I’m enchanted by these Chameleon Designs items… before you say no to feathers (or to pearls, or to both), think twice! You’ll see them over and over in this blog 😉

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