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Italians say CVD to mean Come Volevasi Dimostrare, ie “end of proof”. I’m saying it about myself… I’ve just read a recap of the 2010 wedding trends, and I think I’m going to break for sure 8 out them, possibly more — how’s that for thinking with one’s head? I haven’t done it on purpose it just happened… I’m not evil it’s just how they draw me 🙂

Let’s start analyzing them one at a time…

“2010 is the year to bring out the color!  Bold has risen above the white and pastels even for spring and summer weddings”

All right this is easy, it has always been an “all-white” wedding: off-white/ivory, light pink, platinum, powder almond.


“It’s no less expensive to hold your wedding at a private home than it is to rent a reception location”

This one is easy to break too… it’s a destination wedding in an Irish castle 🙂

“Fondant is quickly becoming an old fad”

Too bad… I had just decided for the raspberry chocolate fondant and I’m not going to change it!

“A special thank you as an appreciation for your guests attendance is even more important in our economic times”

No favors here!

” Couples and guests alike enjoy the feeling of incorporating “green” into the wedding.  Not just with favors, but with food, decor and natural flowers as well”

Yeah right, how is cutting flowers green? Anyway, given that I’ll have only bouquets and petals and no other flowers, together with organic food this one I’m not breaking it.

“Real flowers are still the trend in today’s wedding.  The look, the feel, the fragance just can’t be beat!”

Stink like a funeral home to me!

“Technology continues to grow and with the popularity of HD TV, it only makes sense to purchase your wedding video in HD.  If you haven’t upgraded to HD yet, talk to your videographer and make arrangements to shoot in HD anyway.  Have them include not only the HD Blu Ray for when you do upgrade, but also a standard DVD for you to view now.”

Say what? I don’t know what you’re talking about 😉

“Gowns are flowing and light in 2010”

Yeah right mine is Alencon lace AHAHAH

“Veils are back in 2010”

IF I’ll have it, it will be a mantilla. Either that one or a fascinator.

“it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to have a very special dance that will wow their guests”

Good for them. We HATE IT 😉


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As usual, today I’m browsing wedding blogs and sites. I almost always start from Brenda’s blog because I like it so much.

Well, today I found this:

Now, I beg you to focus on the picture with the flowers and the menu. The two pinks are mismatched! As a matter of fact, the pink of the menu is more yellowish than the one of the flowers (or the flowers’ is more bluish than the invitations’ — whichever you choose). Call me a Bridezilla, but if that should happen at my wedding heads would start to roll!

What can you do to avoid color mismatch?

  1. Ask your florist whether the flowers you intend to match comes in a predictable color or not. Now, I’m well-aware that florists can not predict the color of the flowers they get as if they had a Pantone swatch of it, I concede that. However, they rarely tell you whether a flower’s color is predictable or not, or how much variation there is between the different samples of the “same” flower. This is something to definitely ask your florist about, possibly before you decide on the flowers! As an example, flowers like Sahara roses (which I adore) can be hard to match because they come in different shades (pink, peach, beige — no two roses have the same shade). But, by the same token, are ideal when you plan a tone-on-tone wedding (the so called “all white wedding” which I found out isn’t so white, because it can have all sorts  of shades, from off-white, to ivory, to blush pink, to light champagne, to oyster, light sand, etc).
  2. Choose your wedding stationery after choosing the flowers, so that the match is more accurate. If you find out that the match is not that accurate, do NOT display it close to the mismatched flowers!!!
  3. Consider hiring a light designer (or consulting with one). Light can be used to either uniform colors (thereby reducing the chance of detecting a possible color mismatch)  or to enhance color contrast (which you could need if you’re going through the “modern wedding” route). Be aware of it and use this information to your own advantage.

And remember, just because you are on a budget it doesn’t mean you have to set for mismatched colors, as I see happening so often. The sense of color of your wedding planner does NOT depend on how much you pay her, so she should definitely be able to do a precise match, or advise you on how to get it done. At risk of repeating myself: do not tolerate a sense of color that is off only because you’re on a budget or else your ceremony and reception will look tacky and cheap! And nobody wants to look cheap, no matter how tight the budget is.

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