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It bugs me. It BUGS me, period.

So, WHAT exactly bugs me? The “cave in” attitude that so many wedding-related vendors have! From Mindy Weiss to your average wedding planner, everybody wants the bride to give in to somebody’s else idea of her wedding. ¬†Therefore, they start telling her “relax, something will go wrong on your wedding day”, or “choose your battles” (as in: give in to mom’s or MIL’s demands), and so forth.

Now, I don’t get it.

A wedding is a celebration of the love between TWO individuals, the ONLY two entitled to take any decision insofar the wedding itself. That encompasses how much to spend, who to invite, what to wear, how to decorate and so on. In this time of “equal opportunity” and “gender equality”, I am appalled that a category of customers can be talked by professionals into giving in to their parents.

So dear wedding-related vendors, NO the wedding isn’t about giving in, quite the contrary. The wedding planning time is a wonderful occasion to find out what a bride and a groom think about finances, friendships, music and decor. It’s the first big thing they build together, it’s about their dreams and hopes. It is NOT about the parent’s, the in-laws’, the vendors’ ideas of what a wedding is or should be. To tell it like it is, they have NO BUSINESS interfering with these decisions. All they can do is to witness the event and – possibly – take a supporting role.

And you dear wedding planners, NO, the bride isn’t a stupid woman to railroad into your idea of what a wedding is or should be. If you don’t like the bride or her idea, tell her you aren’t a fit but avoid patronizing her, or – worse – judging her dreams from the pedestal of your “professionalism”.

And, finally, you dear brides SPEAK UP. It’s time to stop being daddy’s little girl (you’re an adult, remember???), find your voice and work hard for your dreams. Who cares if your mom or your MIL pesters you to include a guest or to change color palette? JUST SAY NO rather than ranting and moaning as if your lack of assertiveness didn’t play a part in it. Have the guts and the courage to fight for what makes you happy OR stop blaming it on parents, friends and wedding-related vendors.

Btw, vendors. I don’t want to hear that “something will go wrong” unprofessional line EVER again. How many times have you heard a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a CPA saying “relax something will go wrong”? NEVER. And you know why? Because it’s just SO not professional.

And the saddest part is that you know it only too well.


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I’ve seen pictures of this wedding over and over at Snippet and Ink, Little Lovables and¬† Polka Dot Bride, but it never ceases to amaze me..

There are many reasons for that.

First off, Ebony is the quintessential timeless beauty of the 30s.

But Ebony also is very graceful… If you don’t believe me, look at the style with which she puts her earrings on:

or the way she goes through the garden

On top of that, she has an incredible sense for color- and style-matching (she is an illustrator, and you can tell!). She has made most of the decorations by herself.. for example:

I love the description you can find here of the reasons behind the various choices that Ebony took!!

So all right I love vintage weddings…. however I wish for more and more weddings to have the sense of style, cohesion and harmonious beauty than this one had, whatever the style they have. Too often one can find the invitations that don’t match the decor, the gown that doesn’t match the tablescape, the flowers that don’t match the make-up. C’mon girls and guys in the industry, a little more style and sense of beauty would benefit everybody, your pocket included!

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Today I was browsing all the huge amount of wedding-related blogs I read when all of a sudden I found the biggest Christmas present I could possibly hope for, this picture:

Credits: Chris Nicholls via Coco+Kelley.

This precise set of colours has been swirling around in my head for months! Now “all” that there is left to do is… figuring out the proper colour names (and pantone names, which is an entirely different animal, which often has nothing to do with the real colour) and proceed to run around in circles to get the vendors to understand that yes, I want precisely these colors, I mean REALLY, and that no, approximation is not justifiable unless an earthquake happened while they were actually mixing the colour or something like that. But above all, yes I do want a precise match. If it were for approximating the color matching process would I need a professional to scr*w it up? *grin*

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