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I’ve been wrestling with the idea of blogging for some days now and – in the end – I’ve decided to give it a try.

The main hurdles between me and my dream wedding are:

  1. Few event designers have a sense of color and style comparable to mine. I’m not saying that mine is necessarily better… however I am saying that it’s my sense, it’s what I’m trying to achieve and it’s what I’m willing to pay for. Therefore, it is what needs to be implemented.
  2. The whole industry is full of (and filled with) what in Italian would be termed “paccottiglia”, that is to say cheap, corny, cheesy looking decorations, “accessories” and “favors”. Vendors try to convince you that you really need them, and you need them just that way, which is why so many brides succumb to such pressure. On top of it, the junk overload makes it virtually impossible to find what you really want to buy!
  3. It’s hard to get a person in the wedding industry to perform the way you want. I’m trying to avoid sweeping generalizations here – however – unless one uses luxury professionals, most of the times the choices a bride is offered is between a red and a white aisle runner, forget other colors and decor options even when/if they are cheap and easy to set up.

For all these reasons, I’ve reluctantly decided to be my own wedding planner and designer. I do have a busy life but I see no alternative… either I accept to be streamlined and led/forced through the traditional wedding route (note how traditional in this statement is used to mean regular, standard, streamlined, canned, staged, fake, how-it-should-be) or I get it done my way. And – if you know me – you also know I’m not going to set for anything I don’t like. Call me a Bridezilla, I don’t care! It’s my money, it’s my dream, it’s my day. It better be my way!

The reason I’ve decided to blog is that I think this blog could fill a void in the wedding industry, focusing on what you haven’t (yet) thought of, showing something you haven’t seen and – hopefully – inspiring you to have the courage to be yourself, put your foot down, and stop compromising on what you want. All of this, ideally, will happen meanwhile I have fun chronicling my wedding planning.

Now, I’m all jazzed… 😉


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