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Yesterday and today I have been searching for some providers of custom bridal jewelry. In the specific I had already decided that I needed Swarovksi pearls (as opposed to natural pearls) because their color is uniform and reliable, therefore it’s easier to match and even predict the effect of the ensemble. Furthermore, I needed a silver/platinum/white gold look because gold really doesn’t look great on me (euphemism!).

I had found a bracelet I absolutely adored by when I asked for the (Canadian) manufacturer to customize it, I got a “no thanks we don’t eat kids for Christmas” answer. So I needed to find somebody else.

The first one I’d like to share is a store in the Uk. The site stated – in a very authoritative way – that their jewelry came in either “white or ivory Swarovski pearls” (note how Swarovski pearls d NOT come in any oneΒ  shade called ivory — there actually are three, Cream, Creamrose Light, and Creamrose) so that they could be matched to “any wedding gown”, except that you wouldn’t know how to actually get it done, because not only one couldn’t understand which one of the three shades they offered, but there was also no Swarovski pearls color chart whatsoever in their site for you to browse and pick the color. Just trust what the Big Brother thinks for you, tovarish πŸ™‚

The second store was an Italian one. It literally wondered “what jewelry can a bride wear?”. Well, dear, whatever is in her mind, for God’s sake!

All of a sudden I was reminded of why I dislike Europe so much. Too many nonsensical rules! And, as far as Italy goes, too much peer pressure.

These people need to understand that, for one, I’m not going to obey and comply with a rule that doesn’t make sense to me unless it’s a law and, for two, they can shove their beloved peer pressure up their @$$. I don’t think I’m better than them. But I do think I’m an individual and I have all the right to be myself whether they agree with me or not and whether they like what I do, think and feel or not.

Now, if only I could find a wedding planner who is onboard with this…. πŸ˜‰


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When I saw this

Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet by Stella & Dot

Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet by Stella & Dot

I fell in love! Ivory and champagne are the main colors of my wedding!

But the caption goes on

“Over 100 champagne and ivory faux pearls create a shimmering classic. 7.125” length. Fold over gold plated clasp with signature heart. Fold over clasp extender available for larger wrists. Extender sold seperately (EX100)”

So I emailed them because my wrist is tiny (super-tiny, and so are my hands) and gold doesn’t look good on me, asked if they did custom order. Well, they do not.

Too bad they fancy themselves to be a boutique-like kind of a place 😦

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One thing I like about myself is how self-confident I can be… well, at least at times πŸ˜‰

Anyway, the last thing I want for my bridesmaids is to look like **** just to make me appear more beautiful. I really love them dearly, and wouldn’t want them not to have their “junior princess” day just because the “senior princess” needs to outdo them all.

Not only do I love them, I also like them a lot. They both are slender and have a figure somewhat similar to mine, so I thought that a dropped waist would look great on them too. Plus, originally the bridesmaids were to dress similar to the bride so that the evil spirits trying to kidnap the bride would kidnap one of them instead.

No, I’m kidding you, I don’t just love them. I’m extremely fond of them. So, I’ve decided to dress them up like princesses too… I’m not a LSD person but I do love modest gowns, and I ended up picking up these ones from Eternity (an LSD provider of modest gowns, in fact) in organza and matte satin:

Eternity Evening Gown MS186

Eternity Evening Gown MS186

The colors I picked up are Light Pink (Theresa, blonde with brown eyes) and Platinum (Giada, blonde with blue eyes). When I showed them the dress I thought they would yell “NO WAY” but apparently they both loved it!

As for the shoes, I’d like something along these lines:

It’s important that they are peep-toe shoes with heels and a flower on them, just like my shoes. Gosh I really loathe those pointy satin bridal shoes. They look soooo cheesy to me!!!

As for headpieces and jewelry for the bridesmaids, I’m enchanted by these Chameleon Designs items… before you say no to feathers (or to pearls, or to both), think twice! You’ll see them over and over in this blog πŸ˜‰

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