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I’ve seen pictures of this wedding over and over at Snippet and Ink, Little Lovables and  Polka Dot Bride, but it never ceases to amaze me..

There are many reasons for that.

First off, Ebony is the quintessential timeless beauty of the 30s.

But Ebony also is very graceful… If you don’t believe me, look at the style with which she puts her earrings on:

or the way she goes through the garden

On top of that, she has an incredible sense for color- and style-matching (she is an illustrator, and you can tell!). She has made most of the decorations by herself.. for example:

I love the description you can find here of the reasons behind the various choices that Ebony took!!

So all right I love vintage weddings…. however I wish for more and more weddings to have the sense of style, cohesion and harmonious beauty than this one had, whatever the style they have. Too often one can find the invitations that don’t match the decor, the gown that doesn’t match the tablescape, the flowers that don’t match the make-up. C’mon girls and guys in the industry, a little more style and sense of beauty would benefit everybody, your pocket included!


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There is only one thing that is presently in a worse shape than marriage and its definition, and that thing is the wedding industry.

I’ve been trying to have some invitations done. I didn’t mean to spend a fortune, as I’m not after luxury details (such as brooches with real pearls or silk boxes). What I am after is an invitation that matches the way I am and the wedding I want. That is to say, not a pre-made invitation but also not a luxury one.

Of the many persons I’ve contacted, I got two proofs so far. One was what in Italian goes under the name of “accozzaglia”, that is a messy mix of stuff that resembles my granny’s best vegetable soup, except that it’s not nearly as tasty. The other one looked – at best – Art Deco except that the font didn’t fit, the colors didn’t either and sure at heck the feeling you would get from it is the same I got out of my goddaughter the first time she tried to put make-up on and get dressed like an adult… nice try but that’s not the way you do it.

In short: if it has to look like cr@p – well – it has to also cost like cr@p. I’m not going to pay a stationery designer for producing something I could buy in an online store at 1/3 of the price I’m charged by the designer. And no, I’m not cheap. I simply won’t accept cheesy, tacky stuff just because it’s either the norm or the person who designs the stationery fancies herself as a designer who she obviously is not.

I guess it all boils down to self-awareness. Just because I would love to be able to paint, I don’t think of myself as a painter. If I were that cr@ppy of a designer (and I am!), I wouldn’t market myself as one. End of story.

Mysteriously, the wedding industry is full of persons like that (tailors, stylists, designers, planners). They think they are something they obviously are not. But, just because they are entitled to their own delusions, it doesn’t mean I will use their services.

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As usual, today I’m browsing wedding blogs and sites. I almost always start from Brenda’s blog because I like it so much.

Well, today I found this:

Now, I beg you to focus on the picture with the flowers and the menu. The two pinks are mismatched! As a matter of fact, the pink of the menu is more yellowish than the one of the flowers (or the flowers’ is more bluish than the invitations’ — whichever you choose). Call me a Bridezilla, but if that should happen at my wedding heads would start to roll!

What can you do to avoid color mismatch?

  1. Ask your florist whether the flowers you intend to match comes in a predictable color or not. Now, I’m well-aware that florists can not predict the color of the flowers they get as if they had a Pantone swatch of it, I concede that. However, they rarely tell you whether a flower’s color is predictable or not, or how much variation there is between the different samples of the “same” flower. This is something to definitely ask your florist about, possibly before you decide on the flowers! As an example, flowers like Sahara roses (which I adore) can be hard to match because they come in different shades (pink, peach, beige — no two roses have the same shade). But, by the same token, are ideal when you plan a tone-on-tone wedding (the so called “all white wedding” which I found out isn’t so white, because it can have all sorts  of shades, from off-white, to ivory, to blush pink, to light champagne, to oyster, light sand, etc).
  2. Choose your wedding stationery after choosing the flowers, so that the match is more accurate. If you find out that the match is not that accurate, do NOT display it close to the mismatched flowers!!!
  3. Consider hiring a light designer (or consulting with one). Light can be used to either uniform colors (thereby reducing the chance of detecting a possible color mismatch)  or to enhance color contrast (which you could need if you’re going through the “modern wedding” route). Be aware of it and use this information to your own advantage.

And remember, just because you are on a budget it doesn’t mean you have to set for mismatched colors, as I see happening so often. The sense of color of your wedding planner does NOT depend on how much you pay her, so she should definitely be able to do a precise match, or advise you on how to get it done. At risk of repeating myself: do not tolerate a sense of color that is off only because you’re on a budget or else your ceremony and reception will look tacky and cheap! And nobody wants to look cheap, no matter how tight the budget is.

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