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Via Italian Lakes Wedding Planner

I love the Italian Lakes region. And I – usually – love Italian wedding planners and their sense of style.

Now I must confess… I’ve always dreamt of paying an eye of my head (that’s the Italian rendition of “an arm and a leg”) for a wedding planner who would write the name of the table up on a card mismatched with the centerpiece flowers by using a felt-tip pen in a bad calligraphy!If that’s the service I’m going to get, as a bride I would demand lowest fees and a less impressive location so that the “slip” in style isn’t THAT evident. And – just because I’m in a good mood – I’m not going to rant over the fact that pairing an uncolored candle (pure wax, that is yellowish) with a pink like that equals to retinal receptors mass suicide. The caterer on the other hand has a lot more sense of color… the WP could use some 🙂

Besides, somebody marketing a service like that as “attention to details” make me laugh (if I am in a good mood) or want to run away to a desert island (if I am in a bad mood). Either way, I often think that this wedding industry is a circus.


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