Some pictures just haunt you.

For me, one of those picture was this

Her gown wasn’t what haunted me. What haunted me was her veil, namely the mantilla veil. I’ve always known that I wanted a drop veil because gathered veils to me look like your head got stuck into a pillow (or a cake) and you somehow decided to walk out without caring to free it from the offender.

You can find more on veil cuts and styles here.

A true mantilla veil is a veil that is NOT gathered, although it might be secured to either the hair, a hair comb, or a headpiece. Grace Kelly’s was secured to a headpiece, as you can see. I didn’t know whether I wanted a headpiece or not… and wasn’t able to decide.

Prompted by one of the ladies I contacted in the hope to have a custom veil done, I started browsing and collecting information, links and pictures that I want to share with you.

Mantillas come with a history, so to speak. The ones among you who aren’t Jew, Catholic, Italian, Spanish or living in South America,  would probably be surprised to hear that mantillas aren’t wedding veils. Mantillas are veils, bridal mantillas are bridal veils cut, shaped and worn in a similar way to “regular” mantillas. So what on Earth are regular mantillas?

Essentially, mantillas are veils worn during a religious holiday (either a Jewish or a Catholic one), usually to go to Church or the Temple.

Basically, there are 3 types of mantillas:

1.the Italian-like (Catholic) and the Jewish ones

In Italy, traditional mantillas are either all in Chantilly lace (like Jackie Kennedy in this picture):

or bordered with Alencon lace roses/rosebuds

They can be worn either like head doilies

or like shabbat veils

Their shape is triangular or scarf-like and are shoulder or elbow length.
I’ve seen that recently some bridal stylists have started also using mantillas this way as well:

On the left it’s worn like a head doilie, on the right like a shabbat veil by Rosa Clara.

the Spanish-like ones

In Spain the traditional fabric for a mantilla is Chantilly lace (like Grace Kelly’s), its shape is rectangular or triangular and it is knee length:

As you can see it is worn with a tall hair comb called  peineta. A bridal peineta is shown here:

A magnificent model from Oscar de la Renta:

Notice how Mary of Denmark wore a Spanish mantilla and a fan-shaped peineta on her wedding day:


I’ve seen pictures of this wedding over and over at Snippet and Ink, Little Lovables and  Polka Dot Bride, but it never ceases to amaze me..

There are many reasons for that.

First off, Ebony is the quintessential timeless beauty of the 30s.

But Ebony also is very graceful… If you don’t believe me, look at the style with which she puts her earrings on:

or the way she goes through the garden

On top of that, she has an incredible sense for color- and style-matching (she is an illustrator, and you can tell!). She has made most of the decorations by herself.. for example:

I love the description you can find here of the reasons behind the various choices that Ebony took!!

So all right I love vintage weddings…. however I wish for more and more weddings to have the sense of style, cohesion and harmonious beauty than this one had, whatever the style they have. Too often one can find the invitations that don’t match the decor, the gown that doesn’t match the tablescape, the flowers that don’t match the make-up. C’mon girls and guys in the industry, a little more style and sense of beauty would benefit everybody, your pocket included!

I was browsing the net for my usual vintage wedding daily round when – all of a sudden – I get to Red Headed Frog‘s blog, lured by this quirky but classy gown from Kate Halfpenny:

But all of a sudden I see a sheer beauty, the most stunning veil I have ever seen (again by Halfpenny):

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG —- I’m in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was browsing all the huge amount of wedding-related blogs I read when all of a sudden I found the biggest Christmas present I could possibly hope for, this picture:

Credits: Chris Nicholls via Coco+Kelley.

This precise set of colours has been swirling around in my head for months! Now “all” that there is left to do is… figuring out the proper colour names (and pantone names, which is an entirely different animal, which often has nothing to do with the real colour) and proceed to run around in circles to get the vendors to understand that yes, I want precisely these colors, I mean REALLY, and that no, approximation is not justifiable unless an earthquake happened while they were actually mixing the colour or something like that. But above all, yes I do want a precise match. If it were for approximating the color matching process would I need a professional to scr*w it up? *grin*

I might very well be the one and only nerd in this department, however..

I find Pantone names to be – simply put – nuts.

For example, take “blush” aka 15-1614. Well, despite the name the actual color is more like dark vintage pink. But especially it for sure isn’t the nice faded nuance we would expect when we think of “blush”.

Another example, color 12-1010 aka scallop shell. I don’t know for yourself, but I’ve never seen a scallop shell with that color.

Again, take color 16-1406 aka atmosphere. It’s actually grey. Not everybody lives in LA, y’all 😉


Italians say CVD to mean Come Volevasi Dimostrare, ie “end of proof”. I’m saying it about myself… I’ve just read a recap of the 2010 wedding trends, and I think I’m going to break for sure 8 out them, possibly more — how’s that for thinking with one’s head? I haven’t done it on purpose it just happened… I’m not evil it’s just how they draw me 🙂

Let’s start analyzing them one at a time…

“2010 is the year to bring out the color!  Bold has risen above the white and pastels even for spring and summer weddings”

All right this is easy, it has always been an “all-white” wedding: off-white/ivory, light pink, platinum, powder almond.


“It’s no less expensive to hold your wedding at a private home than it is to rent a reception location”

This one is easy to break too… it’s a destination wedding in an Irish castle 🙂

“Fondant is quickly becoming an old fad”

Too bad… I had just decided for the raspberry chocolate fondant and I’m not going to change it!

“A special thank you as an appreciation for your guests attendance is even more important in our economic times”

No favors here!

” Couples and guests alike enjoy the feeling of incorporating “green” into the wedding.  Not just with favors, but with food, decor and natural flowers as well”

Yeah right, how is cutting flowers green? Anyway, given that I’ll have only bouquets and petals and no other flowers, together with organic food this one I’m not breaking it.

“Real flowers are still the trend in today’s wedding.  The look, the feel, the fragance just can’t be beat!”

Stink like a funeral home to me!

“Technology continues to grow and with the popularity of HD TV, it only makes sense to purchase your wedding video in HD.  If you haven’t upgraded to HD yet, talk to your videographer and make arrangements to shoot in HD anyway.  Have them include not only the HD Blu Ray for when you do upgrade, but also a standard DVD for you to view now.”

Say what? I don’t know what you’re talking about 😉

“Gowns are flowing and light in 2010”

Yeah right mine is Alencon lace AHAHAH

“Veils are back in 2010”

IF I’ll have it, it will be a mantilla. Either that one or a fascinator.

“it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to have a very special dance that will wow their guests”

Good for them. We HATE IT 😉

Did I tell you…

…I hate chair covers! I find them to be tacky, cheap, and – ultimately – something that only Trimalchio (and some assorted modern nouveau riche) could use and at the same time think it’s a classy act. In other was, somebody who doesn’t have taste or class and resort to “pick it up” from some magazines and opinion leader (think with your brain, brides! Not your mom’s, not your wedding  planner’s, YOURS).

Granted, despite the fact that chair covers rarely look good (especially the satin white ones), they definitely are useful and a good thing to do if the chairs you absolutely have to use are in foldable plastic. However…

Please please please consider renting nicer chairs instead.

If you don’t believe me, compare the first picture:

From Quality Chair Covers

with the second:

From Chiavari Chair Rentals

remember that there are two philosophies about weddings:
1) having a huge amount of guests, then feed them cr@p full of preservatives, food dyes, etc, give them useless favors, and pay for lots of pre-wedding parties, dinners and whatever
2) having only the people you really care about and pamper them with better food and decor, cut on waste of time and meaningless “mandatory” celebrations, and – especially – have at least 10 minutes during the reception for everyone of them because people aren’t numbers and shouldn’t be treated as such!

Remember, who you are shines through your behavior. If you settle for cheap stuff and compromises, that’s what you get out of people because it’s your actions – not what you fool them into believing – that impact your reputation.