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…a bride can use without looking frumpy?

And the answer is: not AS MANY…. 🙂


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Everybody and their dog knows how I love Spanish bridal fashion, and how down I usually am on Italian bridal gowns, mainly because they are fusty, old, depassè.

Today I found Fio’ Spose via Fashion Bride and I have to admit that it was a very pleasant surprise!!!

Fio' Spose F1140

Fio' Spose F117

Fio' Spose F1077

Fiorella Dell’acqua, the stylist, combines geometrical lines, romantic feel (lace, flowers) and colors in a timeless way. We’ll hear more about her in the future, I’m sure.

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I’ve seen pictures of this wedding over and over at Snippet and Ink, Little Lovables and  Polka Dot Bride, but it never ceases to amaze me..

There are many reasons for that.

First off, Ebony is the quintessential timeless beauty of the 30s.

But Ebony also is very graceful… If you don’t believe me, look at the style with which she puts her earrings on:

or the way she goes through the garden

On top of that, she has an incredible sense for color- and style-matching (she is an illustrator, and you can tell!). She has made most of the decorations by herself.. for example:

I love the description you can find here of the reasons behind the various choices that Ebony took!!

So all right I love vintage weddings…. however I wish for more and more weddings to have the sense of style, cohesion and harmonious beauty than this one had, whatever the style they have. Too often one can find the invitations that don’t match the decor, the gown that doesn’t match the tablescape, the flowers that don’t match the make-up. C’mon girls and guys in the industry, a little more style and sense of beauty would benefit everybody, your pocket included!

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Today I was browsing all the huge amount of wedding-related blogs I read when all of a sudden I found the biggest Christmas present I could possibly hope for, this picture:

Credits: Chris Nicholls via Coco+Kelley.

This precise set of colours has been swirling around in my head for months! Now “all” that there is left to do is… figuring out the proper colour names (and pantone names, which is an entirely different animal, which often has nothing to do with the real colour) and proceed to run around in circles to get the vendors to understand that yes, I want precisely these colors, I mean REALLY, and that no, approximation is not justifiable unless an earthquake happened while they were actually mixing the colour or something like that. But above all, yes I do want a precise match. If it were for approximating the color matching process would I need a professional to scr*w it up? *grin*

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I might very well be the one and only nerd in this department, however..

I find Pantone names to be – simply put – nuts.

For example, take “blush” aka 15-1614. Well, despite the name the actual color is more like dark vintage pink. But especially it for sure isn’t the nice faded nuance we would expect when we think of “blush”.

Another example, color 12-1010 aka scallop shell. I don’t know for yourself, but I’ve never seen a scallop shell with that color.

Again, take color 16-1406 aka atmosphere. It’s actually grey. Not everybody lives in LA, y’all 😉

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Via Italian Lakes Wedding Planner

I love the Italian Lakes region. And I – usually – love Italian wedding planners and their sense of style.

Now I must confess… I’ve always dreamt of paying an eye of my head (that’s the Italian rendition of “an arm and a leg”) for a wedding planner who would write the name of the table up on a card mismatched with the centerpiece flowers by using a felt-tip pen in a bad calligraphy!If that’s the service I’m going to get, as a bride I would demand lowest fees and a less impressive location so that the “slip” in style isn’t THAT evident. And – just because I’m in a good mood – I’m not going to rant over the fact that pairing an uncolored candle (pure wax, that is yellowish) with a pink like that equals to retinal receptors mass suicide. The caterer on the other hand has a lot more sense of color… the WP could use some 🙂

Besides, somebody marketing a service like that as “attention to details” make me laugh (if I am in a good mood) or want to run away to a desert island (if I am in a bad mood). Either way, I often think that this wedding industry is a circus.

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There is only one thing that is presently in a worse shape than marriage and its definition, and that thing is the wedding industry.

I’ve been trying to have some invitations done. I didn’t mean to spend a fortune, as I’m not after luxury details (such as brooches with real pearls or silk boxes). What I am after is an invitation that matches the way I am and the wedding I want. That is to say, not a pre-made invitation but also not a luxury one.

Of the many persons I’ve contacted, I got two proofs so far. One was what in Italian goes under the name of “accozzaglia”, that is a messy mix of stuff that resembles my granny’s best vegetable soup, except that it’s not nearly as tasty. The other one looked – at best – Art Deco except that the font didn’t fit, the colors didn’t either and sure at heck the feeling you would get from it is the same I got out of my goddaughter the first time she tried to put make-up on and get dressed like an adult… nice try but that’s not the way you do it.

In short: if it has to look like cr@p – well – it has to also cost like cr@p. I’m not going to pay a stationery designer for producing something I could buy in an online store at 1/3 of the price I’m charged by the designer. And no, I’m not cheap. I simply won’t accept cheesy, tacky stuff just because it’s either the norm or the person who designs the stationery fancies herself as a designer who she obviously is not.

I guess it all boils down to self-awareness. Just because I would love to be able to paint, I don’t think of myself as a painter. If I were that cr@ppy of a designer (and I am!), I wouldn’t market myself as one. End of story.

Mysteriously, the wedding industry is full of persons like that (tailors, stylists, designers, planners). They think they are something they obviously are not. But, just because they are entitled to their own delusions, it doesn’t mean I will use their services.

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